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They Never Thought I Could Play Soccer But When I Scored That Goal Their Jaws Dropped”

Here's What Really Separates
Soccer Amateurs From Pros...

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It's 5 minutes before the referee will end the game. The score is a draw. Suddenly
you get the ball and you see the goalkeeper a bit too far from the goalposts.
You take your shot. You score.

Sounds like a dreamlike scenario, doesn't it? And right now for you it is nothing more than that. But then again, what do you think that separates the players who manage a small “miracle” like this and those who don't? It's not luck, it's not even talent... it's pure training showing off.

With the Right Training You Can Become That Soccer Player.

It's not about aiming high, it's just about aiming straight. If you practice with the right techniques and exercises what's to stop you from doing what you've done countless times on the training field?

Introducing “Fire Storm Soccer” - The Soccer Training Guide That Will Put You Straight on the Path.

My name is Thomas Larsen and for the last 7 years I've been a soccer coach. I've seen players going from zero to reach the major leagues and I've seen talented players going nowhere simply because they refused to train properly.

This is the guide for those who want to step up their soccer game and who have the discipline to reach their potential.

All the advice, all the exercises and all the techniques you'll require to become a decent soccer player are here. They're tested, they're thought through and they WORK.

But just to give you a better insight, here's an example straight from the book:

The single most important thing you need to know about drop kicking is that you need to ensure that the ball connects with the top of your foot, near the toes but not on top of the toes. That will enable it to have the strongest forward momentum while at the same time attaining some height. Precisely how much height is directly relevant to where the ball is when it meets your foot; kicking the ball closer to the ground will result in more forward momentum but not as much height, while kicking the ball nearer to the waist will give you plenty of height but not a great deal of momentum.

Have you thought in terms like these about soccer? There's a science behind it and what you've read above is merely a description of the technique. The book also contains detailed exercise routines to help you include these techniques in your game.

But what can “Fire Storm Soccer” really do for you?

You'll gain a deep insight into the most effective techniques available today.

You'll build your endurance so you can play just as well in the 90th minute.

You'll get the roadmap to take you from here to a fully accomplished soccer player.

You'll discover the exercise routines that will bring you with maximum speed to your full potential.

You'll feel better and stronger as you will accept the diet changes suggested in the book.

You will feel confident by learning how to avoid and manage accidents.

You'll get tons of tips that will translate immediately into a better game.

But here's what other players who have tried the book say:

I couldn't believe it. I thought I knew how to play soccer, but this book proved the contrary. The chapter on dribbling is my favorite. I'm not a pro, but when I play with my friends I rock.

Thank you so much.

Daniel, Wichita


My kid is into soccer and I thought that a bit of home training would suit him fine. Guess what? He finally made it into the school's team. I haven't seen him so happy in a very long time. You're the best.

Roy, Baton Rouge


I was a bit skeptical at first. Our coach is a good man but doesn't know a lot about technique. He just motivates us and makes us run and play. Your book covered an area which was simply not there before. It's indeed a pity that there aren't more coaches like you out there.

Phil, Los Angeles


Soccer mom here. My poor Brian loves the game and he's trying, but he wasn't very successful. I gave him your book and he absorbed it like a sponge. And oh yeah, he does seem to play better.

Vanessa, Sacramento


Christ, what a journey! A month ago I was a mediocre soccer player and I didn't even know it. I'm advancing in leaps and haven't even gone through the whole book. This is the real deal.

George, Maine


A friend of  mine recommended me your book and figured that it's worth a try. I haven't looked back ever since. Passing, dribbling, shooting, all of them got improved by a spectacular degree. I'm a better soccer player and I can feel it. The added confidence on the field doesn't hurt either.

Roberto, Albuquerque


I'm on top of my game and I have you to thank. That little scenario of yours got almost real for me. I scored the winning goal 10 minutes before the referee's whistle. I'm officially a hero now and the beer the guys bought me after the game made up for the price. Thanks mate.

Adrian, Austin


My brother is really annoying and figures himself a real soccer pro, but unfortunately he really sucks. I made a bet with him that I would get better at soccer than him within a month. Thanks to your book I'm now 150 bucks richer and I showed him. Best bucks ever spent.

Tony, Rockford


OK Thomas! So How Much Does This Book Cost?

Professional soccer coaching is expensive. What's even worse: good coaches are very difficult to find. Most of them make more than a 6 figure annual income by coaching professional teams.

Don't worry though! For as little as $59.95 you get access to the same techniques that professional soccer players get. And as you see the price tag is considerably smaller.

So What's the Catch? Why the Low Price?

To be honest, I'm not in this game for the money. I love soccer. The problem is that soccer is not very popular in US. The number of players is relatively small. The number of players who play a decent game is even smaller.

I want to see an explosion in soccer and YES I want to see better games. If at least one of you will make that happen, this book hasn't been written for nothing.

Hurry up and order within the next hour and you will get exclusive access to no less than 6 bonuses!



Soccer Tricks Encyclopedia

One of the best books on the subject. Learn everything from the Mexican to the Cruyff turn.

Worth $24.95



Soccer Speed And Control

Incredibly detailed  guide on how to improve your linear and lateral speed as well as exercises to build up endurance and pull off “explosions” - sudden high speed changes of direction.

Worth $59.95


  The Diet Of Soccer Champions

Everything you need to know about a suitable diet to improve your game. Includes detailed charts for all major food groups.

Worth $34.95



Psychological Soccer Power Training

No matter how good your game is, this book will make it even better. It's all in the mind and getting a focused, positive framework will help you evolve in bounds and leaps.

Worth $44.95


The Recipe For Soccer Stardom

Sometimes it's hard to focus on the big picture, so this book will help. It is a blueprint you can follow to shape up your future.

Worth $19.95



How To Build Your Soccer Endurance

Based on research from Hungarian scientists and investigations performed by Norwegian scientists from the Trondheim University, the book contains a very rigorous set of exercises to build your lung capacity and major muscle groups.

Worth $64.95

Total Bonus Value: 249 Dollars

And guess what? It gets even better...

Introducing the 100% risk free guarantee:

"My Personal 150 Days Satisfaction Guarantee"

This book comes with a guarantee
like you've
never seen before.

Some say 30 days is enough to test just about any advice. I disagree.


And yes, we don't ask any questions, we don't haggle,
we just deliver.

But why 100%? Well... guess what. Even if you
ask for a refund you get to keep the bonuses for
yourself. They're worth at least 249 Dollars and
yeah they will be yours to keep., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by LarsenNetWay Inc.

Back Pain from playing

What are the common problems and injuries when playing soccer? How can you avoid them? Well, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you won't get injured: Protective gear, rest times, and generally not taking chances while playing are some of the many things you can do. Back pain, especially the lower back, is one of the many problems with playing soccer, according to sources like L.A. Spine and Ask the Doctor. It can cause stress fractures like Spondylosis, Disc Herniation, and muscle spasms. We recommend making an appointment with a spinal specialist who can determining your exact back injury.

10 dollars discount. That's right. You can really hurt your ankles, back, and whole body with playing most sports, but especially soccer.

How can you avoid these common injuries? Stretching (Yoga and Pilates), physical therapy, and taking regular rest times are very beneficial for protecting you against injury and for your overall health.

If you usse these techniques and exercises presented and you'll get some incredible improvements in your game.

Thomas Larsen

Founder Of Fire Storm Soccer 

P.S. Don't forget you have no less than an astounding 150 days to try out the book risk free.

P.P.S. Did you ever wonder how to make a dribbling turn effortlessly into a clean, precise pass? The book has this answer for you.

P.P.P.S. The bonuses alone are worth $249 and they're yours to keep even if you ask for a refund.

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